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Lighthouse Counselling and Training Centre plays a vital role in the lives of Rwandans through its commitment to providing counselling training for the lay counsellors of the future. At Lighthouse we believe that educating Rwandans on the basics of counselling will increase their ability to offer support and care to one another. We believe that through skill development Rwandans will be equipped with techniques to listen and journey with each other through the challenges in each other’s lives.

Our 6 Month Applied Counselling Course will provide you with foundational skills and techniques in counselling; in addition, inspiring you personally to examine areas in your own heart and life that may need healing. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have trained over 300 lay counsellors, in 10 cohorts….and still counting!

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Our team will provide empathetic understanding and expertise and work together with you to create a practical treatment plan to help you experience positive change in your life, your relationships and with yourself

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